Five Email Management Tips

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For some people, staying on top of their inbox is a breeze, but for others they’re facing literally hundreds of new emails every day and tackling it all can be a nightmare. In fact, you – or someone you know – may be notorious for responding to emails days later, after a decision has already been made. Or they may be the cog in the wheel that’s constantly holding up progress because they simply haven’t had the time to read their email. Those people typically then end up inundated with[…]


TSI Project Spotlight: CCM Servers and SAN

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As a Managed Services Provider, we receive all kinds of calls from our clients. Whether it’s to troubleshoot a broken printer, or pull together a fail-safe, foolproof Disaster Recovery plan, our Engineers are trained and ready for anything. And while we’ve got a variety of service contracts to suit our clients’ needs, there are times when the infrastructure that a client has in place can end up costing them more money to maintain than it would to just completely replace. One of our clients – CCM – found themselves in[…]


What Is Net Neutrality?

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On Thursday, February 26, 2015, in a 3-2 vote, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to approve the newest version of the Open Internet Order, which essentially ensures that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) “provide access to content and applications on an equal basis,” and prohibits ISPs from charging companies for quicker delivery times. While “Net Neutrality” has been a huge buzz word for the last few months, this is a conversation that’s been brewing for nearly a decade – and it’s an important one to be had. The[…]


The Internet of Things. You’ve probably been hearing about it a lot recently – we’ve even mentioned it in a post. But it’s not exactly the most descriptive term and has left many people scratching their head in wonder. We all know what the Internet is, and we all know what the general term “things” means – but when the two are strung together the entire concept becomes a bit hazy. The term means, essentially, the inter-connectivity of items that can communicate with each other by sharing data, completing processes,[…]


Getting Back To Work With A Business Continuity Plan

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After last week’s post about Disaster Recovery, it’s time to jump into the topic that naturally follows – Business Continuity. Many individuals mistakenly presume that Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are one in the same, but in all actuality, Disaster Recovery is simply one piece of a comprehensive Business Continuity plan. While Disaster Recovery focuses on restoring the IT infrastructure after a system wide failure (or complete destruction), Business Continuity looks at the bigger picture – where will your employees work, and how? What is the most efficient way to[…]


The Five Critical Parts to Any Disaster Recovery Plan

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There are few things more important to a company’s IT needs than a comprehensive – and fool proof – Disaster Recovery plan. It’s something that probably barely registers as a necessity when a company is getting up and running, and when everything is operating smoothly it probably gets pushed to the furthest recesses of the proverbial back burner. But when it’s needed it can literally mean life or death for a company. Without a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan, a power outage that fries a server or a fire that wipes[…]


Cyber Readiness is going to be huge in 2015 – but what is it, and why does your company need to look into it?